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Carsi reflects exclusivity, attitude, luxury and glamor, all of this combined with quality, conscious and fair production.

For us, more important than limited production is to guarantee excellent quality in each piece we produce. We know that a model that combines quality and design is a model that can last for generations and wardrobes, and that is our main goal – create with meaning. We believe that meaning generates love and that love will not be discarded after half a dozen uses, because it has value. To make it even more valuable, we are transparent about our processes, because there is a lot behind a Carsi’s piece. There are stories, laughs, dreams, tears, achievements and disappointments. There are months of planning and improvement so that we can come up with the best version of what was born in our mind. Our collections are special and made to make you feel special and that is why they are limited and, from Spring / Summer 2020, they will be numbered. Our goal is not to produce more and more, but rather better.

We do not produce unbridled nor exploiting unlimited resources and workers. We make the production process a beautiful story, in which the end result is happily ever after. An ethical production, in small studios located in Portugal, in which we work directly with model makers and seamstresses, all together looking for the best result. We have thus reduced our carbon footprint by producing in Europe, in a country with an impeccable reputation in textile manufacturing.

We plan and design. We know who does it, how they do it and we know that they do it ethically, with good working conditions and are happy to do it.

The protection of our planet is important to us, so we take advantage of the waste in our collections as much as possible by turning it into accessories. All collections generate waste that normally goes directly to the trash. We try our best to give them life so that they don’t end up in landfills. Whenever possible we choose fabrics that are leftovers from major brands, that meaning fabrics that are left over from brands that produce on a large scale and will not be used anymore (being garbage), or that are natural/ recycled fabrics. It is not always possible to choose one of these types of fabrics and that is why quality is so important to us. Because as important as using a recycled or natural fabric is to transform that fabric into a piece with high quality fabric that can be used for years, otherwise at the end of the season it will be discarded, which in no way helps our planet.

This is part of our history, the way we act and what we stand for.

This is what we stand for. This is the Carsi's promise.