Since 2019

Our Story

CARSI® is a portuguese brand where which piece is carefully imagined, drawn and handmade in its own atelier by a small, talented and passionate team. Our objective is to make each woman feel in her best version. Our goal is to make, at least one, happy woman per day.

Just as important as how we feel, is how we treat our planet and the people around us. For this reason, we invest in a high quality production in Portugal and mostly involving manual processes, conscious production, ethically producing limited editions according to demand, respecting our team, which is today the Carsi family. For us, as important as producing on a small scale, is ensuring durability. A piece that combines a good fabric, an excellent fabrication and an excellent shape, will cross generations and live many happy moments. And that’s what drives us - creating with meaning

To reduce our impact on an industry that is one of the most polluting in the world, we adopt several measures daily: 0 waste policy - using leftover fabrics to create our accessories and producing limited editions of all our designs, in order to avoid as much as possible the existence of surpluses. When these exist, they are reformulated to give life to a new piece, or are donated; plastic free - our shipments are plastic free, sent in recycled cardboard boxes and we choose alternatives to plastic whenever possible; quality materials - we are in constant search of the best natural or recycled fabrics every day and when it is not possible to choose one of these, we choose high quality fabrics that can have a long durability; reduced carbon footprint - we combined our office, production studio, online order distribution center and showroom in the same space, thus reducing stock movements between different spaces.

This is our daily commitment, we're focused on improving our performance, with awareness and responsibility.

What we stand for

Carsi reflects exclusivity, attitude, luxury and glamour, all of this combined with quality, consciousness and fair production. We want to empower every woman in the world.

This is what we stand for. This is the CARSI's promise.

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